“The quality of our breath expresses our inner feelings" - TKV Desikachar.

Student Speak

  • Rarely is Yoga explained scientifically. There may be books but so far everyone whom I have met never could provide scientific explanation. Mostly it is taught as a spiritual or "Oh those ancient Indian practice the world is following why not you" approach. You bring the science focus to aspects of it with your Bio Tech background. It helps to appreciate it better without following it blindly. Then again the student has to ask and then understand the explanation! You bring the perfect balance between science and spirituality.

    Ravi Shanker, San Jose
    Therapeutic Private Lessons
  • The class offers me a chance to relax and focus on my inner self. It is challenging. Over time, I have seen improvements in posture and movements.

    Karen B, Lumileds, Santa Clara
    Corporate Client
  • A perfect balance for mind, body and soul! I have always enjoyed my yoga classes at Synergy Yoga. Shoba has helped me a lot with my plantar fasciitis and back issues. Since the class size is small, Shoba really gives one on one attention to the participant and is always ready to help and modify as and when needed according to one's needs. The studio is very conveniently located in the Evergreen neighborhood

    V. Parekh, San Jose
    Group Lesson
  • I have been a part of Synergy Yoga class conducted by Shobana for the past two years. In those two years I have experienced gradual positive transformation in my flexibility, confidence, attitude and emotional control. We have a biweekly class option which helps give us energy and fitness and flexibility.. The best thing about the sessions is the small class size of 5-6 people. The studio is clean, well maintained and is kept updated with ample yoga props. The atmosphere in the studio and the positive attitude of the yoga instructor makes it hard to miss classes.

    There is a wonderful personal touch. I always look forward to the informal discussions and tidbits of information that the Shoba shares regarding a particular yoga pose or some current events in relation to yoga and healthful living. Shoba gives us the flexibility to customize our practice if we want to concentrate on a specific group of muscles. The instructor beautifully simplifies the yoga pose such that a beginner is made to feel at ease and gradually adapt to the pose without any pressure. The instructor keeps the atmosphere jovial and light throughout the session and there is a wonderful camaraderie among the Synergy yoga community that makes the classes all the more welcoming

    Prachi J., San Jose
    Group Lesson
  • Shoba has been a significant part of my healing and transformation. She was thoughtful and compassionate in teaching me effective and mindful practices. At Synergy, I feel a great deal of peace and grounded in the present. I can't thank Shoba enough for our sessions together!

    Jo D.
    Therapeutic Yoga Privates
  • Synergy Yoga Center's Young Yogini's class was an awesome space for me to learn my yoga practice. Shoba is patient and well versed in Iyengar yoga. She was great about gently moving our practice in a way that was mindful but also appropriately challenging for the class level. This was a great introduction to the yoga lifestyle, and I would highly recommend it to teenagers looking to get into a yoga practice.

    Shruti R.
    Young Yogini Series
  • I am very happy with my experience at Synergy Yoga. Two years ago, I had a double knee replacement, and had 1:1 private sessions with Shoba. I credit my quick recovery to these sessions which helped to restore flexibility and range of motion. Shoba is really great in making sure that her students have the right alignment during the poses so they won't hurt themselves or worsen any existing injuries. I highly recommend Synergy Yoga and Shoba as your yoga instructor.

    Sabine H., San Jose
    Therapeutic Private Sessions