“Balance in the body is the foundation for balance in life." - Shri. B.K.S Iyengar
  • What is your philosophy of teaching?

    To be an authentic yoga teacher and practitioner, one must mirror the teachings by practice- in thought, action and words. I have found teaching yoga is a transformative process in itself. By using the yogic principles from the eight limbs (Ashtanga yoga), I strive to provide an atmosphere where students can learn and practice yoga in a non-harming and non-competitive environment.

  • How often do I need to practice?

    This is a question that is often asked by new practitioners- I remind everyone to examine the “intention” with which they want to start a yoga practice. All of us have the best of intentions when we start a wellness program- translating it into action by showing up on the mat or at the gym is the challenging part.

    “Sustained practice over a long period of time without attachment to the result” is one of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. By committing to a once or twice a week class is a great beginning- of course if you can extend this with a short practice at home, the overall mind-body wellness benefits is striking.

  • Is yoga practice only for the fit and flexible or can anyone start a practice?

    A yoga practice is not limited to or designed for the “fit and flexible” body; the practice of yoga is holistic addressing mind and body. Flexibility and fitness are positive “side effects” of a sustained practice. Anyone can start a practice at any stage in his or her life. The beauty of a yoga practice is that it is easily customizable for each person- you begin where you are and progress at your chosen pace.

    By informing your teacher about your challenges, injuries and other chronic conditions, you will be helping yourself immensely- the practice can be designed to allow you the option of starting where you can in any posture and modify to suit your situation.

  • What are the typical class sizes at your studio?

    At Synergy Yoga, I like to treat each students practice as a unique process in their journey to wellness. Typically, the class sizes are small (not exceeding 5 students per class) so that I can provide the attention needed for every student and suggest modifications as required.

  • What are the kinds of classes you offer and what is the duration of the class?

    The classes are typically 60 to 75 minutes long. I offer a variety of classes ranging from gentle Hatha yoga classes, to those focusing on core, balance and form/ alignment classes, restorative and Vinyasa or flow yoga (coordinating movement with breath in asana practice).

    I also offer therapeutic yoga privates for chronic conditions, post surgery rehabilitation, posture awareness and corrections, anxiety and stress management.

  • What do I need to bring for a yoga class?

    First and foremost, I encourage everyone with step into the studio “with a beginners mind”- even if you have practiced before, every experience is new and by adopting an open-minded approach, you will be surprised at how your practice can be fresh each time. This is true even if you come regularly week after week. I strongly encourage everyone to bring their mat since it is a good (and sanitary) practice to use your own mat. I do have mats in the studio but be advised that more than one student uses them. All other props such as yoga blocks, blankets, straps and sandbags are available in the studio.

    Recommendation for each yoga class at the studio
    - Arrive on time or even a few minutes early before the start of class- respecting the time of the teacher and fellow practitioners.
    - Cleanliness of body is fundamental for establishing a sound practice- refrain from using strong perfumes and wear clean, comfortable clothing that will allow you freedom of movement during practice. If you are someone who sweats a lot, I suggest you shower before practice and bring a towel along.
    - Eat a light snack and stay hydrated.
    Note: I do not teach “heated” classes at Synergy Yoga- all classes are at ambient temperature.

  • Do you use props, music or therapeutic/aromatic essential oils in practice?

    Yes, I provide props such as blankets, blocks and straps so that the practice can be modified to suit the individual.

    I believe in having a quiet and uncluttered environment for yoga practice- I do not play music in most of my classes since I believe that focusing on one’s breath and being free of auditory distractions is a good way to begin the journey inward.

    For restorative and “unwind” yoga classes, I make aromatic essential oils available to students- they can choose to use them in the final relaxation practice.