“Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory" - Sri Pattabhi Jois

A variety of classes for all ages

Gentle Hatha Yoga

This class is slower paced with greater emphasis on establishing flexibility and connecting breath with movement. This practice is ideally suited for anyone new to yoga, those looking for a relaxed and mindful practice or recovering from injury and illness.

Form & Alignment

This popular class is suited for anyone with an established yoga practice and for those looking for a challenging asana practice. Focus is on long asana holds and or stimulating Vinyasa sequences.

Core Focused

These classes are ideally suited for those who wish to work the “deep” core muscles- yes, this is not for those wanting a defined set of abdominal muscles. Rather it is a way to ensure a strong core that defines balance and stability as we age. Working the core with awareness alleviates chronic back and postural issues.


A great way to end your workday with gentle movements, stretching and deep relaxation. This practice helps to calm your hyper-alert nervous system and bring a sense of calmness to mind and body.

Corporate Classes

The corporate classes address chronic stress and postural issues by incorporating asanas, breath work and mindfulness meditation techniques. Each series of classes is tailored to suit the wellness needs of the employees. It helps to combat the mid week slump and/or prepare one for a relaxing weekend.

Therapeutic Privates

A series of two or more classes designed to specifically address injuries or other chronic postural conditions. These sessions are 1:1 and begins with a short evaluation session followed by specifically designed practice to meet the student at their level of flexibility and comfort- No pain, Yes gain is the mantra for the therapeutic private sessions.

Please check our Facebook page for announcements/updates on workshops and special series.

Special Series & Workshops

Synergy Yoga offers special workshops, intensives or short series to deepen your practice in a small group setting. Listed below are some of the workshops and short series we have offered in the past. For current information, please stay connected via our Facebook page

Rise & Shine Kids Yoga

A 6 or 8-week series of classes designed to provide a useful tool for kids that promotes flexibility and improves focus and deal with stress, test-anxiety and other challenges using simple yoga postures, breathing and guided relaxation.

Yoga for the Young Yogini

Series of classes specifically designed for teen girls to address body image issues, deal with competitive virtual social environment, promote focus, balance mood and provide relaxation techniques that can be practice on and off the yoga mat.

Breathe your way to Bliss

A two-hour long restorative yoga workshop designed to release deeply rooted tension with a few supported postures, backbends, twists and forward folds with greater focus on breath and conscious muscle release. Using blends of aromatic oils, soothing music and serene practice atmosphere, the busyness and chatter of the nervous system is quieted during final relaxation or Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep).

Yoga for the Tech Jockey

This 6-class series focuses on minimizing and managing symptoms of repetitive stress injuries such as tight shoulder, stiff neck and carpel tunnel caused by the overuse of computers, and other electronic hand held devices. Using the principles of yoga asana and conscious awareness, this series provides a simple and effective “tool kit” for a sustained and regular practice for maintaining the health and wellness of the tech jockey..